@realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured — Levi Quackenboss

Dear Donald, remember this guy? So do we. Let’s get to work.

via @realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured — Levi Quackenboss


What Inspires Us to Blog?

I have been writing for years, I have journals that are probably four feet high. I started writing at the age of 8 to do. I write poems, and this site is nice very encouraging, I am looking forward to sharing. Not too good sentence structure. Any suggestions welcomed…  I will be posting soon…



Seven bloggers in the WordPress.com community tell us what motivates them to share their art and stories.

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Protective Mothers' Alliance International

As PMA International has posted before, we prefer the term DV by Proxy to explain the manipulations an abuser parent uses to teach the child to reject the protective parent. We prefer this term because;

1. In our opinion ,it more accurately depicts the actions taken by the abuser parent towards the child
2. There has been a lot of misinformation about parental alienation circulating the internet and beyond.

3.The term parental alienation and /or parental alienation syndrome has been use as a legal defense for abusive dads in family court.

Most often this term has been used by the attorneys of dads who sexual abuse their children. This legal defense is used – most often- by attorneys in family court , for the purpose of deflecting blame from the criminal actions of their client onto the protective mother.

4. The result of the above has frequently been, abusers…

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